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Insights, news and updates


Open banking, identity verification standalone, and Regily Connect

This update is about a few major product areas we’ve been working on the framework.


Improvements to data services, Schufa support, and a few words about Checkins

In this update, I’m going to tell you about our focus areas within the product last month and what we were busy developing.


The importance of locally adapted UX to drive more conversions

In this update, we are going to describe the role of localization and its effect on conversion rates of the sign-up flows. Localization doesn’t only mean the correct translations, it’s usually so much more, and when done right can bring great results.


Improvements to different data verification modules and a new data enrichment gateway

Our big focus this month has been improving the services that relate to data verification and a new Regily Data Enrichment Gateway as a separate service!


OCR - Allow users to scan information from documents

OCR stands for “optical character recognition” and allows users to scan information from their identity documents instead of typing. It has widely spread as an identity verification method and many customers are already familiar with the experience.


Embedded signups – a new way to trigger your flow

Pop-up - is our current type of integration that allows partners to start using Regily’s flows with just a few lines of code. The reason for this simplicity is that it is front-end-only and it enables your sign-up to run without having to change the parent page.


Embedded flows & OCR product discovery

We’re working on a new type of integration - Embed. It allows placing the sign-up on the parent page. An optical character recognition that allows users to scan information from their ID


Improvements to Regily Remote, street selector & native apps optimization

May 2020 product updates


Wunderino enable sign-ups directly on affiliate sites in partnership with Internet Vikings and Regily

iGaming brand Wunderino is using the solution from Regily with its Brand Protection partner Internet Vikings.


New improvements to Regily Remote & social sign-ups

April 2020 product updates


Introducing Regily’s latest innovation, Regily Remote.

Regily Remote increases affiliate conversion by allowing users to sign up directly from affiliate sites!


New features to eliminate drop-offs on different screens

March 2020 product updates


Technical improvements on Flowbrain and OTP

February 2020 product updates


Lessons from user tests in regulated markets

January 2020 product updates


Geo-location improvements & new localization features

December 2019 product updates


Introducing Flowbrain™

November 2019 product updates


Introducing: two new add-on components & a new password module

October 2019 product updates


Forza Football X Regily

Interview with Forza Football CEO Patrik Arnesson


New: Localization features

September 2019 product updates


Enhancements for desktop conversions & language support

August 2019 product updates


A new date of birth screen and Apple sign-ups are here

July 2019 product updates


The future of sign-ups: a 100% individualized experience

AI and Machine Learning are no longer hype! Machine Learning in its many forms is now a sheer necessity to succeed in today’s tech landscape. For us, that means ML needs to be fully embedded into our framework.


Behavioral analytics tests & a new add-on fraud tool

June 2019 product updates


How a bad airport experience sparked the idea of fun registrations

See our CEO and co-founder Kristoffer Cassel taking center stage at the Brilliant Minds Conference to share how a bad airport experience sparked the innovation of (We were named Regily at the time)