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Behavioral analytics tests & a new add-on fraud tool

I'm stopping by to give you our latest news from Regily! 👋

This is our product update to give you the latest updates about recent improvements in our framework. Simply put, we’ll tell you all about how we’re working to deliver the best registration framework in the world so that you can leverage it to grow your business.

We hope you find our updates about the world of registrations as interesting as we do.

Running tests and letting data do the talking 💬

Most of our days are spent continuously improving our framework based on extensive testing of behavioral data. When we've done the tests, we let the numbers guide the changes we need to do. Here are some of them.

Tests and three new metrics

We have run 13 major tests this past month. These include trying out a different copy, change the ordering of fields, change the ordering of chapters, change how bonuses are being handled, among others. Our AI team has also developed three new metrics that will be available in the framework during the coming month, further strengthening the framework’s analytical capabilities (Hesitation Index, Cognitive load index, and Device sensitivity index).

Improved UI for selectors

Data shows that selecting from multiple choices is generally an experience that has room for improvement. Based on recent tests we have created a brand new design on multi-option selectors, which means that they are now more intuitive and give a better overall user experience.

Error handling update

Significant drops-offs are seen when users are presented with errors in the flow. In order to create a better user experience, we have developed functionality that allows the user back to the point where an error message was triggered. This is so that the user doesn’t have to start the sign-up all over again if an error occurs. Sometimes data shows pretty obvious things, at least in retrospect.

More features to increase your flexibility 📶

On top of the data-driven improvements mentioned above, we have added new features that we believe you will appreciate.

Increased device storage

Constantly improving support for different devices is something that we work on monthly, as usage and devices/browsers continuously change. This month we have improved device support for several browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer 11). We have also improved the way we identify devices with extremely small screens so that the content better adapts to the screen for these devices, mainly old smartphones.

International phone number handling

We have implemented new smart functionality for international phone numbers, making it possible for you to choose what phone numbers to be allowed in the registration. You can choose from three setups; either you can let any phone number to be used when registering in a country, or have a list of allowed respective restricted country codes, or have the most strict rule which only allows mobile numbers from the user’s residence country.

We know you want to keep all of your legal documents up to date, and now it is possible for you to host the documents on your own page, and just provide a link that we need to display in the signup process. With this setup, it is possible for you to make direct changes to your copy within these documents. No worries if you haven't changed to this option yet, we still show the static text that you sent to us before.

Make your business safer by using our fraud tool 🔎

We continuously try to partner up with the best third party providers that could be beneficial to you, such as SMS verifications and fraud tools, in order to make them accessible for you through our framework. This month, we’d like to update you on the smart fraud solution created by iovation. iovation provides the most sophisticated fraud tool in the industry, making the Internet a safer place for people to conduct business. We're their global partner, and it is easy to use iovation through our framework.

If you’re not already using the fraud solution, it’s easy to get started. No new contract with iovation, no extra integration, no setup fee. Choose what market you want to use it for and pay only per check-up.

In order to capture that emotional aspect…💖

Our framework is data-driven and we optimize conversion based on behavioral patterns. Only. With this in mind, our CEO thinks user testing sucks. However, we still want to capture the emotional perspective of an actual user going through a signup flow in our framework, and that is why we're doing user tests.

The tests run this week have been done by users completing registrations on desktops, Androids, and iPhones in Germany, Canada, UK, and the US. The anonymous users’ behaviors were recorded as they did the tests, and afterward, they were asked to add comments on each part of the flow.

Seeing peoples' emotions while completing a registration has given us the inspiration to understand what more to test and that there is still much that can be done. Which we think is fun! You'll get an update about that next month.

Stay tuned!


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