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Case study -

Read on to find out how has helped the Dutch iGaming brand Betcity to automate customer ID Verification process and stay compliant with strict Dutch regulations.

"One of the main things that I value about is that they understand the iGaming world, and the needs that iGaming operators have. has provided us with a stable, quality, and flexible service that enables us to smoothly verify our new customers, and this adds up to our conversion numbers. is a proven technology that always works, and never lets us down."

-Leon Voogt, Head of Product

Case and History is one of the biggest online betting platforms/operators in the Netherlands offering a wide range of online gaming options (online sportsbook and casino) for Dutch players.

Betcity received its licence from the Gaming Authority on October 1st 2021. Since then the company has seen rapid growth and become one of the top 3 iGaming operators in the Netherlands with over 200,000+ active customers.

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Operating in a newly regulated country like the Netherlands is a challenging task for any company. Since Betcity was launching from scratch in a new market they needed a stable third-party solution with a proven technology that would help them safely verify their new customers’ identity and therefore mitigate the compliance risks.

Process and Results

Since the Netherlands is a regulated market for gambling, KYC and identity verification are required to be a part of the customer registration process. At the time when Betcity was getting its licence they needed a third-party tool to perform and automate the KYC & ID Verification checks. Eventually, after evaluating a range of the leading solutions in this area, they decided to partner with for a number of reasons.

Expertise in the iGaming field

Firstly, many of key employees have had an extensive experience in the iGaming field, and therefore they really understand the details of the customer onboarding process in the iGaming industry, the regulations, and the needs of iGaming brands like Betcity.

Stable and quality service

Secondly, by the time of partnering with Betcity, had already been successfully working with several other major iGaming brands from different jurisdictions, helping them automate the KYC and the user registration process.

And most importantly, was able to offer Betcity a stable, flexible and quality service that they could rely on and that would help them mitigate the compliance risks in the new and unknown market, and keep the user onboarding process fast and effortless for the players.

“We have a really solid relationship with our partner manager at Whenever we have any questions or need any technical assistance, is always there for us. This makes the partnership between our companies so valuable!”

-Leon Voogt, Head of Product

Features and integrations used

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Case study: Decta


Open banking, identity verification standalone, and Regily Connect

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