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Technical improvements on Flowbrain and OTP

February has come to an end, and finally spring is around the corner. As usual, we've summarized the latest updates below, so lean back and enjoy reading!

Flowbrain technical improvements

In the quest of creating a signup experience 100% personalized to the end user, obviously technology is key.

The second generation technical platform, Flowbrain™, is built with the end user in mind. Our developers have focused on using the latest technology available to make the user experience more seamless and unique, and we’ve used all of our previous learnings in order increase value for our partners.

  • Screens are incrementally loaded in order to minimize numbers of network requests and total size
  • Flows are pre-loaded and fonts are hidden in the background until the signup button is clicked
  • Modern javascript on supported browsers makes the technology quicker than before

Architecture designed for speed and stability ⚖️

Flowbrain™ is entirely modular in order to guarantee the smartest, fastest and most flexible check-in solution. What data to collect and how to collect the data are separated. The data you need, will be collected in the best possible way for each user segment. What data to collect is fully configurable without code changes and is entirely based on settings. How to collect data, has never been simpler. This is done through creating and testing new UX designs, letting a massive amount of behavioral data lead the way of which design converts the best.

  • Modules are standardized and independent interfaces
  • Input modules can be added and tested without code changes or updates
  • Each input module is scored based on its conversion rate
  • The best performing module (s) for each segment/cluster will automatically be used
  • Entirely data-driven and based on user behavior.

Product updates 💡

Even though it's been the shortest month of the year, we have a lot of product updates to share. During February, we've been focusing on the details; visibility of copy, message delivery rates in remote countries, small devices and testing a faster load alternative - with great results.

Scrolling placeholder animation built

On some screens, especially on smaller devices, copy does not fit in the limited field space. This is more applicable to some specific languages, using more characters than average, i.e. Finnish and Japanese. Copy that is not fully visible has a negative effect on conversion as the user gets confused about what information that is required. To solve this without leaving out any information or shorten the text, we have created an animated placeholder field.

First, the text adjusts in size to fit the field. If that is not enough - the text starts rolling. This enables our partners to add the specific information that is wanted in the field regardless of size.

  • Available for all languages
  • No need to adjust copy for placeholders
  • Increase conversion with better and more visible copy
  • An automated attempt to adjust font size will be made before animation starts
  • Improved iPad device coverage

One of the most important aspects of personalization is to offer the best possible experience on every device type. Tablet is a much smaller segment compared to phone and desktop, but it is almost 3% of the traffic processed so far by the Regily Framework in 2020. Ensuring full device coverage is essential for market leading conversion rates and the Regily Framework now has updated support for iPads to follow the latest iOS version.

Apple recently changed the device identifier on newer iPads to align the feeling between tablet and desktops. The Regily iPad flow has been adjusted to fit with the latest identifier to ensure the best possible user experience.

Improved One Time Password functionality in New Zealand

Over time, we've integrated several third party providers to the framework in order to offer additional services to all partners. By doing so, it's easy for us to enable those services to our partners, without any further integrations on the partners' side. Since from the beginning we've offered the One Time Password (OTP) functionality, which can easily be switched on in all markets.

As most partners using OTP already know, New Zealand and Canada are two highly regulated markets when it comes to text messages. A lot of partners struggle with delivery rates in both of these markets. We've managed to create a set up with 96% delivery rate with our providers (which is extremely high). In close cooperation with our providers and local operators, we continue to withhold this level, with the goal to even increase it over time.

The latest update is that we have on the recommendation by our provider switched sender id to a “short code” in New Zealand. The usage of “short codes” ensures a higher delivery rate as it will be seen as trusted traffic for the carriers.

Tests show that pre-loading the flow increases conversion

The first screen in all registration flows has the largest drop off rate for all partners. Key is to find ways to get the user to interact with the registration flow, which we continuously try to explore new ways of getting them to do. Not so surprisingly, tests show that the flow's loading time has a huge effect on conversion. Especially in cases where the user has a slow internet connection, or uses an outdated device. In fact, we have one test case where sign up conversion increased 30% on average when we pre-loaded the flow, compared the not pre-loading it.

  • The Regily module and all assets are downloaded, but hidden on each site visit
  • When the registration CTA is clicked, everything is already loaded and ready
  • The registration flow will be displayed quicker and increase first interaction rate
  • Size of registration flow once triggered by user goes down with 91%
  • Loading time of registration flow is dramatically reduced, by adding an additional minor weight to the site.

Allowing the Regily module to be downloaded in the background while loading the site, increases loading speed of the registration flow a lot - decreasing number of drop offs on the first screen.

Hope you enjoyed the read, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, feedback or input - we're always happy to help!


New features to eliminate drop-offs on different screens


Lessons from user tests in regulated markets

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