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Embedded flows & OCR product discovery

I hope everyone had a great time vacationing and enjoying good weather during the summer. At Regily we are already back at  full speed and looking forward to the exciting fall.  Here is an update on what were our focus areas lately.

🎥 Check out the video update here:

The new type of integration: embed the sign-up into your page

Pop-up - our current type of integration allows our partners to start using Regily’s flows in a matter of a few lines of code. The reason for this simplicity is that it is front-end-only and also, in order to run the sign-up, you don’t need to change the parent page.

What we’ve learned with the pop-up solution is that it allows for the flexibility in terms of a variety of points you can trigger the sign-up flows on your page. It could be multiple menus, buttons, promotions, links, etc. It doesn’t interfere with the page it was triggered from.

The key to a successful conversion is that the sign-up experience is contextual. The transition to a sign-up should be done as seamlessly as possible and be connected to the overall user journey.

Pop-up way of triggering the flow is proven to increase conversion - it is highly contextual, can be used on multiple touch-points, and works without re-direct to another page.

However, even with that said there is room for experimentation. We’re working on a new type of integration - Embed. It allows placing the sign-up into the parent page.

We measure conversion not only on the pure number of completed sign-ups but most importantly on the business value it brings to our partners. It could be a number of customers on a paid subscription, share of approved loans, the value of the deposits made after the account is created as the examples.

Embedded sign-up experience could be beneficial as a part of a broader onboarding flow. It follows the same principles when it comes to the UX and supports all the learnings and best converting practices proven by data.

Stay tuned to hear what the first live tests with the embed flow shows!

OCR - product discovery

We are constantly researching the alternatives we could use to optimize and provide the best possible ways for the users to complete the sign-up. One of the key challenges is to decrease the drop-off rate and make the experience quick, easy and enjoyable. Our focus has been figuring out the possibility to keep typing to a minimum while still collecting all the user data needed.

OCR stands for “optical character recognition” and allows users to scan information from their identity documents instead of typing it. It has widely spread as an identity verification method and many customers already familiar with the idea and the experience. In the cases when the sign up requires a lot of personal details such as Full name, Address, Date of birth - OCR could become a good alternative approach of providing that information.

The benefits of the OCR based module:
- the method allows shortening the flow and minimizes the number of steps;
- an interactive and quick way of providing personal details;
- higher data accuracy;
- helps to reduce fraud;

As a Regily’s new add-on it is going to be developed as white-label, fully customized for your brand, integrated into the flow seamlessly without the need of installing an app or redirects, works fast on mobile web browsers. It has great potential and definitely worth a try.

Let us know if that appears relevant to you.

Regily Remote - support for video/image transitions

Remote is our product that allows partners to convert users right at the affiliate site. When it comes to the remote user’s conversion the crucial part of the process is to build trust.

Since the sign-up flows work without redirect to another page it becomes very important to display a user that they share their user details with the actual partner and not the affiliate site.

In order to solve that specific moment, we’ve created the way partners can build more trust by starting their remote experience with a heavily branded intro. It does look great, allows for creativity and most importantly also gives the users significantly higher confidence.

We live in the era of mobile, but unfortunately not all the markets always have a great mobile internet connection. Hence we considered a speed check and the flow changes dynamically to work with/without a video asset in order to reduce the potential drop off reason.

Regily Dedicate - strategic partnership is available

Dedicate is a great way of product development for partners who growing fast and require specific solutions to be supported on the Regily’s framework.

Becoming a Dedicate partner will open up the way for us to collaborate on your sign-up flows closely together: developing new add-ons, custom features, creating alternatives modules for testing, improving the localizations for new markets and more.

So far Regily Dedicate was much appreciated by partners and helped us to achieve great results. Having a team of experts ready to work on your specific needs allows you to shape the roadmap and build exciting things faster.

We hope you liked the update. Feel free to drop a line if you have any feedback or questions. Take care!


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