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About us

Defining the internet standard for checkins

The first line of code for the framework was written back in 2017. Our goal since then has been clear: to establish a new internet standard for checkins.

What we’re trying to achieve is In many ways similar to how online payment suppliers have created simple, safe, and efficient solutions for online transactions (“checkouts”).

Our software combines multiple UX-systems, data sources, and identity solutions to instantly configure the best possible experience for each end-user at the point of checkin.

We’re just getting started

Our world-class team is distributed in more than 12 countries and on three continents and we are constantly looking for more talent to join our quest.

Owned and operated by Group AB is owned and operated by Group AB (Reg. No: 559096-3087). Our head office is located at Brunnsgatan 8, 118 39 Stockholm, Sweden.

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