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Improvements to different data verification modules and a new data enrichment gateway

As you know, sign-up flows collect all the necessary information from the users in the most efficient way: a combination of UX and Data Enrichment. Using the framework guarantees a conversion increase in the number of sign-ups but also high data accuracy, which is achieved by applying multiple validations and lookups.

However, this is not the only case in which our products can help you onboard users. The Regily framework also gives you access to the world’s best data sources and verification solutions. Add-ons can be used when you require specific data verification in different markets.

The key for our partners is a way in which the verification methods are enabled. It’s as simple as turning the toggle “ON” and then the add-ons work without the need for integration. For your customers it also makes the whole sign-up journey more smooth and cohesive.

We are adding new data sources every week and are happy to provide support for any data providers you need on the markets you operate. Our add-ons not only hold the api connection, but also include the whole user experience which is optimised for high conversion.

🎬 Check out the video update here:

ID and Age verification

What is important for a successful registration? Pure conversion from the sign-up process doesn’t make much business value if the data the users provide is not accurate. This factor is especially important in the verticals with heavy regulations in place such as fintech or gambling.

Operating on multiple markets also makes it harder to be completely compliant according to all the different KYC laws and requirements. From the tech point of view, there are plenty of different identification and verification methods in different countries with their own specifics.

Regily is always interested in helping your business grow, therefore we are constantly adding new ID and age verification solutions - localised and plug’n’play ready!

Several verification modules are available:

  • ID and Age verification in Germany via Bank login, works as bank authentication plus performing the SCHUFA check
  • BankID - most common way to authenticate and verify users in Sweden, bank-level security and high trust from customers
  • Age and identity verification add-on in Netherlands via bank login through iDIN

Personal data verification

Contact details are one of the most common types of user data to verify. There are many reasons for this. Partners typically use mobile phone and email verification to establish a valid connection with their customers.

For the purpose of maximizing the conversion rate of successfully verified data we have developed our own modules and connected them to several data providers. For example, in order to guarantee global coverage and high delivery rates of SMS, there are a number of various provider connections applied in different countries.

Based on the behavioral data in conjunction with the verification rates we are also constantly optimising the UX of the modules.

Verification recovery

Each user is important. There are many cases when verification fails not only because of fraud or fake data. It could also be different reasons, like simple formatting mistakes, typos or outdated government data sources.

In order to guarantee the highest possible conversion rate each failed verification is followed by Regily’s smart verification recovery module. The process is structured by presenting each type of user data with a guideline for what potentially could have been provided incorrectly and then given a way to edit the information. The module works based on the specific type of data that needs to be reviewed by the user making it simple yet efficient.

The experience is localized and follows the data formatting requirements for each country and language.

Standalone verification modules

All of the Regily verification modules can be used as standalone solutions.

A common use case is to run the data verification for the existing customers that are already registered. It could be new regulations or missing data points that you need to cover which may not be related to the sign-up process itself.

Standalone modules can also be used in the instance where you want to reduce the length and complexity of the sign-up and run the verifications later on in your customer journey.

The integration of standalone verification modules is front-end-only, does not require changes of your pages and can be triggered separately from sign-up flows wherever you want it on your site.

Data enrichment

Regily Data Enrichment Gateway is available to be used as a separate service. Examples of enrichment include politically exposed persons and sanction list checks, email quality and deliverability, company registry information in different countries, personal numbers lookups, address data worldwide and many more.

We are ready to implement any of these third-party data verification or enrichment services you’re currently using or plan to use. Just need a request from you and we can enable it on the Regily framework and do all the integration work ourselves, while you can focus on your core product!

We hope you liked the update. Feel free to drop a line if you have any feedback or questions. Stay tuned!


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