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OCR - Allow users to scan information from documents

Optical Character Recognition - product discovery

We're always researching for the best way to optimize and provide the best ways for the users to complete a sign-up. One of the key challenges is to decrease the drop-off rate and make the experience quick, easy and enjoyable. Our focus has been to figure out the possibility to keep typing to a minimum while still collecting all the user data needed.

OCR stands for “optical character recognition” and allows users to scan information from their identity documents instead of typing. It has widely spread as an identity verification method and many customers are already familiar with the experience. In the case where a sign up requires a lot of personal details such as Full name, Address, Date of birth - OCR could become a good alternative approach of providing that information.

The benefits of the OCR based module:
- The method allows shortening the flow and minimizes the number of steps;
- Interactive and quick way of providing personal details;
- Higher data accuracy;
- Helps reduce fraud;

As a new add-on for Regily, it will be developed as white-label, fully customized for your brand, integrated into the flow seamlessly without the need of installing an app or redirects and it works fast on mobile web browsers. It has great potential and definitely worth a try.


Improvements to different data verification modules and a new data enrichment gateway


Embedded signups – a new way to trigger your flow

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