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New improvements to Regily Remote & social sign-ups

As everyone else in the world at the moment, we continue with social distancing and working from home. This has had a positive impact on our processes and creativity, as we have more time to think about how we can become greater - both in terms of efficiency and in terms of value delivered to you as our partners.

Product improvements 💡

Further improvements to Regily Remote

The first Regily Remote results are in and look very promising. Based on the initial data we have already targeted some early findings to improve the loading experience and increase conversion rate even more.

  • The first screen is displayed instantly on the external page
  • New animation added to drive user interaction and improve the first click experience
  • User focus is kept while Remote finishes loading in the background
  • Improved affiliate tracking

More social signups

Currently, the framework supports social signup through Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. These are used to pre-populate user information while doing a registration. Now we're adding more social signup alternatives, in order to capture an even wider group of people.

New additions include:

  • Amazon – a preferred signup method in Germany, among many other markets
  • Apple – needs no further introduction
  • Line – the most popular messaging application in Japan and other countries in Asia

By pre-populating user information from already existing social profiles, we reduce the number of fields that need to be manually filled, thus reducing the possibility of mistyping and time to complete the registration.

Additional OTP provider is being integrated

Using the One Time Password message service that is integrated into the framework will result in a high delivery and success rate when sending out the password to customers. The provider used is one of the best in the market, and has promised a 96% delivery rate - which we can confirm by the numbers we have in the system. In order to increase an already high delivery and success rate, an additional One Time Password provider will be added to the framework. By having two providers, we can use the new one as a back up, if the first one experiences issues with delivery due to network re-routing.

Localization to Czech Republic

We’re already live in many markets across the world, and add new markets to the framework every month. This month we’ve done localisation work for the Czech Republic. This means for example an improved support for address lookups in Czech Republic, that the framework is accepting Czech names using í ě č á and that it supports copy in Czech.

Further localisation improvements in Finland

Data shows that the "personal number" screen has a higher drop-off rate compared to other screens in Finland. Our product designers have conducted user tests investigating what the reason for this is.

One clear finding is that users hesitate on this screen because they get confused of dynamic hint below the input. To make the input field even more intuitive and easier, we add "-", "+" or "A" after user submit first part of the personal number.

Hope you enjoyed the read, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, feedback or input - we're always happy to help!


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Introducing Regily’s latest innovation, Regily Remote.

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