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Embedded signups – a new way to trigger your flow

Pop-up - is our current type of integration that allows partners to start using Regily’s flows with just a few lines of code. The reason for this simplicity is that it is front-end-only and it enables your sign-up to run without having to change the parent page.

What we’ve learned with the pop-up solution is that it is flexible in terms of a variety of points you can trigger the sign-up flows on your page. It could be multiple menus, buttons, promotions, links, etc. and it doesn’t interfere with the page it was triggered from.

The key to a successful conversion is that the sign-up experience is contextual. The transition to a sign-up should be done as seamlessly as possible and connected to the full user journey.

The pop-up way of triggering the flow is proven to increase conversion as it is highly contextual, can be used on multiple touch-points, and works without redirects to other pages.

With that said there is always room for experimentation. We’re working on a new type of integration - Embed. It allows placing the sign-up into the parent page.

We measure conversion not only on the pure number of completed sign-ups but most importantly on the business value it brings to our partners. It could be the number of customers on a paid subscription, share of approved loans, the value of the deposits made after the account is created and more.

The embedded sign-up experience could be beneficial as a part of a broader onboarding flow. It follows the same principles when it comes to UX and supports all the learnings and best converting practices proven by data.


OCR - Allow users to scan information from documents


Embedded flows & OCR product discovery

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