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Introducing Flowbrain™

Chilly November is burning hot with innovation 🔥
The development of our new framework has been our main focus for the better part of this year and we’re thrilled to finally announce our latest innovation:

Let's take personalization to the next level! 🤸

Our front-end devs, AI-scientists and conversion experts have worked relentlessly to figure out the best ways to personalize sign-ups on a broad scale. Flowbrain embodies our vision of a framework capable of creating sign-up experiences tailored to the unique needs of each and every visitor. A fancy way of saying, “our new thing is better at personalizing experiences for users and results are easier to grow on a larger scale thanks to AI”. Nice!

If you’re in a hurry, here are the main perks which Flowbrain brings to the table:

  • 100% personalized end-user experiences
  • Learns from experience to improve results
  • Tailors a unique flow for every user

Still with us? Cool, let’s dig into some details!

Amped up machine learning capability
The framework is now able to learn from the behavior of every user it interacts with, regardless of digital or physical location. Each attempt to create a successful flow will add experience to the system which improves results for all partners collecting data through Flowbrain. In other words, learnings obtained from millions of data points are used to decide what kind of registration flow will be most successful when your users sign up.

But aren't AI and ML just buzzwords?
Well, yeah. We’re also tired of throwing those two letters together. But truth be told, personalization wouldn’t be possible on a larger scale without the help of efficient machine learning. Imagine having to manually create custom flows for each website visitor - that’s simply not possible through manual labor. AI does the work for millions of users, 24/7, and improves from experience on its own.

Grandparents and Millenials will not get the same experience
You probably don’t use your device in the same manner as an elderly relative or a younger sibling. That’s why we worked hard to ensure that the flow is tailored to meet the unique needs of every single user. In a world where everyone is getting more and more used to hyper-personalized feeds and experiences, these sorts of adaptations will increase conversions by making your flow perfectly relevant to every individual user.

Hmm... Kinda hard to grasp, how will this affect my sign-ups?
When every user gets their ultimate experience they will be more engaged and motivated to sign-up, meaning… You grow faster by delighting your audience!  More ways of collecting data
Each flow is configured from hundreds of data collection modules to craft the most conversion-friendly experience for millions of different users. The library of modules will be expanded greatly over the upcoming months to make sure the framework is equipped with the latest and greatest means of collecting data.

So, what’s a module?
The different ways of collecting data through our framework are made possible by various modules. A module contains things like input field type (name, number, date, etc), animations, UI elements, and validations. The chatbot below is one example of the many modules available through Flowbrain.

How can I get on Flowbrain today?
Just let us know and we’ll get you on board asap!

Regily Dedicate ⚡

With this service, you get a dedicated team consisting of product, engineering and partner success (the whole chain of production) to work. The intention behind this service is to enable even faster growth for partners who are looking to expand.
By ensuring you 20 hours of dedicated work from our specialized teams, you will receive improvements and additional features even faster than before.

  • The product team works continuously with testing new creative ways to make signups more enjoyable.
  • The engineering team finds the best techniques to build the best registration flows in the world.
  • The partner success team is always there for you in your preferred channel of communication, answering all questions within 48 hours and most inquiries within weeks

Product updates 💡

Animated overview on mobile devices

The overview screen always has the biggest dropoff percentage, and we know that once you’ve got your user onto the next step in the sign-up flow, it’s a much higher likeability that it will finish the registration.Data shows that an animated overview increases engagement on the first screen and therefore more users continue to the next step - leading to, what we always aim for, a higher conversion. The animation is designed in a way that helps users to understand the flow of registration as well as the outcome with subtle visual cues.

API that runs PEP and Sanction checks towards multiple sources

Some stakeholders demand that our partners run PEP (politically exposed persons) and sanction checks on their registered users or on their user database. We’ve made it possible to enable this in the registration flow, running checks without affecting the user experience. If any of the sources returns a match, what type of match it is as well as the source is recorded in the callbacks.

Market-specific overview

Another feature aimed at decreasing the drop-offs from the overview screen is the market-specific overviews.By setting up a custom background graphic for top markets, users can instantly receive a relevant connection that promotes familiarity and trust to further increase the likelihood of a successful conversion.

Hope you enjoyed the read, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, feedback or input - we're always happy to help!


Geo-location improvements & new localization features


Introducing: two new add-on components & a new password module

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