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Improvements to Regily Remote, street selector & native apps optimization

May has come to an end, and in Sweden Summer has just kicked off. People wear summer shorts and dresses in the streets, bicycle to the water to take a dip and there is this happy feeling in the air that you can only experience during summer time.  We have as usual focused a lot on product improvements during the last month, that we'd like to share with you.

Happy reading!

Product Improvements 💡

Further improvements to Regily Remote
As Regily Remote is being rolled out to more and more partners, we continue to iterate and improve the product based on the data we receive from the framework. This month, we've been continuing to focus on the user experience from a design perspective.

Latest improvements:

  • Handling users that are already signed up
  • Improved UX during loading time: dependent on slow and fast internet connection
  • Allow partners to use a third-affiliate website for tracking redirection
  • Allow custom data
  • Open Remote from an affiliate website using a specific language.

One Time Password input format improvement
One area that has been in focus during this month has been the OTP input screen. In order to make the verification process even smoother, the exact number of digits that the user has to type is being shown.

Verification codes differ in length depending on the website you’re at. That’s why adding a clear visual sign of the number of digits will reduce user’s hesitation and lower the error rate.

  • Input is customized with the number of digits
  • Edit mobile number option on the input screen
  • Lower user error rate

Street selector improvements
Postal code lookups are returning lists with different lengths based on country, area and other dependencies.

Selecting a street name is now even easier by adding new features for lists with more than 5 results:

  • The framework checks the user’s current geolocation and shows the closest street as a first result in the list
  • Added alphabetic separators on scroll for easier scan on long list
  • Added incremental search option for long lists to help users save time

Native mobile apps optimizations

One of the key parameters that has a high impact on the conversion is the device sensitivity index. This index reflects how efficient the user interface on a specific device, which of course becomes more complex if several devices are being used.  A lot of our partners use Regily sign-up both on the mobile web and in their native apps, which creates room for improvement when it comes to the sensitivity index.  In order to improve it, we have done several modifications to the framework components:

  • Introduce custom keyboards on both iOS and Android in order to get the most relevant input method for the type of data being collected
  • Introduce custom camera UI in the document upload module in order to reduce the number of controls that can be used while taking a picture

Upgrade of plan subscription selector module

Typically, successful user acquisition is not only measured by a number of completed sign-ups but also the number of paid customers who, depending on the service, either make a deposit or subscribe with a credit card.

After months of iterations and testing, there is a clear winning module that shows great results both in terms of completions and the higher average plan selected. Thanks to smart personalization logic, a user lands on a different starting option in the selector dynamically which tends to better match and increases average value generated per customer.

Hope you enjoyed the read, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, feedback or input - we're always happy to help!


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Wunderino enable sign-ups directly on affiliate sites in partnership with Internet Vikings and Regily

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