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How Forza Football increased Conversions by 500%

Forza Football is a web application platform for live scores, notices, lineups, polls, and video highlights, with highlights from more than 420 football leagues and cups worldwide. Forza Football's vision is to gather fans 'opinions and make fans' voices heard.

Forza Football was seeing fewer conversion rates when they decided to build their own in-house sign-up form. They quickly realized that building sign-up forms was not their core strength and knew there had to be a better way to do it. Luckily, there was! With Regily, Forza Football was able to increase their conversions by 500%.

  • The Problem
    Signing new customers from advertising partners’ websites. Forza Football recognized the need to have customers sign-up in a more seamless way from their advertising partners’ website to their own platform.
  • The Integration
    The integration was very easy and convenient. Forza Football put their engineer in contact with a Regily engineer and the integration was done in three days.
  • Results
    Their flow was A/B tested in 4 different countries and on average the conversion rate increased with 500% when compared to the old sign-up form Forza Football built themselves. In the end, Forza Football and its partners were happy with the instant increase in their conversion rates.
“Regily is for everyone who does sign-ups, particularly on mobile. I believe in focus on your core. If your core is not making sign-ups, you should get help doing it” Patrick Arnesson, CEO Forza Football.


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