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Enhancements for desktop conversions & language support

Even though July is a month where many people enjoy well-deserved vacations, Regily business has been (more or less) as usual and we have lots of exciting updates for you. New features have been introduced, we have done user tests and enjoyed setting new partners live. Several of our partners have also gone live with us in new markets and we have even signed some new businesses - more on them coming up later.

Read on to see what's new!

Increased desktop conversion ⬆️

Testing and experimenting are crucial to us as we’re always looking for new ways to increase conversion. Lately, we have had our eyes on desktop conversion and done several tests where one came out especially well: a screen that acts responsive and adapts to the size of the users' screen. It’s being tested on live traffic from selected partners and early numbers are positive, they confirm that conversion increases with a bigger desktop screen.

As this shows us that users get a better experience on bigger desktop screens we will soon make it available for everyone via the framework.

Scalable language support 🌐

We support any language our partners need and can always enable new ones. For our most frequently used languages, currently English, German and Swedish, we have a “best-converted package” that we know gives the highest conversion as we have experimented a lot with it.

We preconfigure copy for all languages but partners can always suggest new copy according to their needs. In order to support that in the best possible way, we need a scalable solution to make sure you can add a new copy without compromising the user experience. Our system will validate the length of the copy and automatically tweak the UI when needed - a copy can roll, grow or shrink, which is a great benefit when it comes to languages where sentences have a tendency to become quite long.

Latest innovation: Regily Remote

Did you know that we offer an affiliate solution of the framework too, called Regily Remote? Regily Remote allows the registration flow to open up directly on top of the current page instead of redirecting the user to your own site right away. If you draw traffic from affiliate sites,

Regily Remote was a hot topic when our CEO Kristoffer and CCO Christian recently attended a conference in Amsterdam where they met up with several leading affiliates and businesses from a variety of industries. We can reveal that exciting times are ahead of us regarding Regily Remote!

Christian was also recently interviewed by EGR Global and talked about how Regily Remote significantly raised the conversion rate for the first partner who went live with it:

“We launched it approximately six months ago with the live score app Forza Football. They had a lot of gaming ads within their app but the conversion was really low because you needed to click the ad, open up a new tab on your mobile, and it would take a long time before you could sign up. Now, you can just click inside the app and with our software you can sign up immediately to the gaming company inside the Forza App. This led to their conversion rate going up 500%.”

Read the whole interview here.

We are more than happy to set-up a demo for you, just drop us an email at [email protected]

User testing 🧪

In June’s newsletter we promised you an update on user tests. As we recently entered New Zealand and Japan we’ve had citizens living there test different flows both on iPhone, Android and desktop to give us a hint about how well the flows are localised. The feedback was unison, all testers expressed that the flows were very well adapted to their locations.

Many were positively surprised by features such as how we fetch addresses based on previous inputs and how the date of birth screen format met their expectations as to where they were from. All in all, they commented on how the sign-up flow stood out as very well localised and easy to use.

Hope you enjoyed the read, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, feedback - we're always happy to help!


How Forza Football increased Conversions by 500%


A new date of birth screen and Apple sign-ups are here

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