Discern real humans
from bots and automation

Botlens analyzes your sessions to instantly reveal which are from genuine human users and which are from automated systems to empower your decision-making

background process

Accurate response
in milliseconds

Granular control over
incoming traffic

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AI-driven analysis

Machine learning is employed to determine behavioural trends unique to humans but absent in bots

Flow Sequence Control

User Behavior Analysis

Source Monitoring

Device Integrity Check

Flow Sequence Control

Flow Sequence Control Ensure logical and consistent sequencing of screens and user actions. Detect anomalies like unusually rapid task completion or repetitive actions.

User Behavior Analysis

User Behavior Analysis Analyze user behavior patterns (mouse movements, keystrokes, page navigation) to identify irregularity signaling simulated sessions

Source Monitoring

Implement robust security measures to validate application launches, allowing only recognized and trusted sources.

Device Integrity Check

Utilize device fingerprinting techniques to detect unique characteristics distinguishing bots from human users.

Reveal the true nature of visitors in milliseconds

Decide how to handle different user types accessing your product at scale.

Clarity in every interaction

Discover the true nature of each user session and make informed decisions with clear, precise insights.

Connect to any process

Our flexible integration allows you to connect Botlens into any process to improve your decision-making at scale.

Push UX to the next level

Adapt the user experience and let your users enjoy easy onboarding without unnecessary verifications and security measures.

Data-driven insights

It's not just about detection; it's about understanding. Gain actionable insights from sophisticated, data-driven analyses.

How it works

Botlens analyzes user behavior to identify patterns to determine if the user is a human or an automated session

Biometric: Liveness module

Face and movement analysis

Liveness check ensures that the biometric data being presented is from a live, present individual and not a static or replicated source

Human-like behaviour
Are actions performed correctly? Is it modified live-stream?

Real-time tracking of movement, order of actions combined with irregular visual artefacts analysis

Face similarity score
How similar are the faces? Is it the same face throughout the whole session?

Enables comparison of the captured face and portrait picture from the document

Non-biometric: Signature module

Motion pattern analysis

Signature pattern recognition allows for automated analysis via machine learning and statistical analysis

Comparison score
Are signatures the same? Have we seen this signature before?

Enables comparison of signature interactions 1-1 and 1-N

Bot-like behaviour
Is signature good enough to accept?Is it done by a human or bot?

Real-time tracking of movement, acceleration, time, size, position, shape, and other parameters detects simulated activity


All results are readily available in your backoffice..


For businesses with a mix of human and automated traffic, controlling session flow is crucial.

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