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Introducing: two new add-on components & a new password module

Hope you all had a great September, we for sure did! Regily life is hectic but fun, and I have some cool things to share with you. Lean back, read on, and enjoy!

Let me introduce two add-on components that allow users to leave their signature and upload documents directly in the flow. Do you need a user’s signature for consent and agreement? Or documents like passport, driver’s license or insurance cards for identification, or perhaps for KYC purposes? We got what you need..

Document Upload

Who loves it when you have to send in documentation to complete creating an account? No one. That’s why we have a module for uploading documents! It’s super easy to use: you enable your camera and upload a picture of the needed document, which is then sent to you in the callback as a .jpg or any other format you’d like. You can have the module as part of your sign-up flow or separately somewhere else on your site, we tailor it to fit your specific use case.


Another thing no one likes is to leave their signature. It’s traditionally associated with waiting for a letter with papers to sign, actually sign it, remember to send it back, find out where to send it back, cross fingers that it doesn’t get lost in the mail, etc etc… Worry not, we have support for digital signatures.
It’s pretty straightforward: just like the document upload, the module can be part of your flow or separately on your site wherever it’s needed. Users sign with their finger on mobile and with mouse on desktop, and you get a callback with the signature as a .jpg or another format according to your needs.

New password module 🔑

A shiny, new password module is on its way! It now presents the password hints as a bullet list that reacts dynamically while the user types. As soon as a password requirement is met, that hint will be marked in an intuitive green colour and be checked off the list.

We’ve seen both from data we collect and from user testing that people tend to spend a bit longer time on completing password than other parts of the flow, even though the hints are clearly stated under the input field. Not many users drop off on the password step so this change doesn’t have a huge impact on conversion, when we tested the new module it either increased conversion slightly or it stayed the same. Changing the way we show the hints is a nice UX improvement that makes it easier for users to see when they’ve entered a password that meets all requirements and thus can continue to finish the sign-up.

The new module will be introduced soon, we’ll let you know!

Lastly, a juicy read for the machine learning-interested…

How behavioural data and predictive modelling help us create a sign-up journey customers actually enjoy!

By now, it’s beyond doubt that what people want is a personalised web experience. Even though studies and research about this often focus on personalisation in marketing, e-commerce and fintech, there is no reason to believe that customers will not welcome a personalised sign-up flow - it’s just that no one else has made one yet.

At Regily we are enjoying ourselves with building advanced machine learning models to explore previously unexplored territory - how to make signing up a completely individualised experience. Our focus is slowly but steadily shifting from customisation and personalisation to hyper-personalisation and ultimately: 100% individualisation.

Hope you enjoyed the read, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, feedback or input - we're always happy to help!


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