AML Screening
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Use industry-leading PEP & Sanctions Screening to identify risky customers, minimize financial fraud risks, and comply with regulation.

Automate the AML Screening process

Extensive & accurate AML data sources

Reduce manual reviews and operational costs

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Cover all AML checks
with a single solution

Get the complete kit that enables you to perform greater customer due diligence and make better decisions


Get real-time updates on Politically Exposed Persons and their close associates (RCAs). We cover over 3 million complete PEP profiles.

Sanctions Lists

Identify customers associated with global and local sanctions. We cover hundreds of lists including OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, DFAT and others.

Identity Verification

Combine our powerful ID verification range of solutions with AML Screening to fulfill regulatory requirements.

The leading data source for
PEP & Sanctions Screening

Get access to the most extensive and reliable AML data sources, automate customer onboarding, and keep regulators satisfied.

Consolidated risk profiles

True global coverage

Data sources monitored

Customizable parameters

Reliable data

Dow Jones, industry top-preforming risk database, is our main source of AML Data for PEP & Sanctions screening to ensure the most accurate, structured, and constantly updated data.

Additional data sources lets you access additional AML data through other external data sources to fit your exact needs. For a full list of available sources, reach out to your partner manager or sales rep.

Ensure compliance

All of the above enables us to provide your business with a comprehensive set of solutions that will help you identify risky customers and adhere to AML regulations in different jurisdictions.

Easy and fully
flexible integration

Our integration supports direct connection to any endpoint. You can use AML/PEP Screening as a standalone or as a part of our end-to-end flows for customer onboarding.

Flexible integration

Integrate through API or SDK to any API, endpoint or platform you already use today. Our team will guide you through the entire process.

Easy-to-use dashboard

Navigate the dashboard to observe the incoming requests and their statuses, types of used checks. Advanced filtering comes handy for finding the user customer data.

Adjust your workflow

The backoffice enables full flexibility for your team; set preferrable verification rules for all types of checks, document quality, fraud assessment, quality and validity of extracted data, AML/PEP Screening, and more.

Secure Data storage

Personal Data is stored on Database servers in the EU situated in AWS or Google Cloud, compliant with ISO 27001 and GDPR. All personal data is heavily encrypted and can only be accessed by an authorized person.

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