Convert more traffic with Checkin Connect

Enable leads to register with your brand directly on trusted third party websites by eliminating unnecessary redirections

Seamless onboarding

Instant conversion

Simple integration

Redirecting traffic causes drop-offs

When customers leave a third party site to sign up on the main brand page, a potential drop-off point is introduced

Instant and measurable results

With Checkin Connect the sign-up can be completed directly on a trusted third party website which creates a better experience for the customer, leading to higher conversion rates for any marketing channel


increase conversion rate


faster in signups

*Claims and figures based on specific partners using Checkin Connect

Checkin Connect increases conversions

Bring the checkin experience closer to the end-user to improve the time to sign-up and increase conversion

Faster sign-up

Minimizing the time and redirects required to complete the registration

Use on any third party website

Campaign, affiliate and brand protection websites are some examples

Control your data

No personal data is being stored by us or the third party, giving you full control over data collection


The solution is compliant in all jurisdictions to protect your operations and your users

Use cases

Explore ways to use Checkin Connect for different types of traffic

Brand Protected Websites
Campaign Landing Pages
Lead Generation Websites

And many more

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Checkin Connect is our compliant turnkey solution that enables users to sign-up to your brand directly on trusted third party websites, triggering the registration flow directly on top of the site.

It provides a secure and compliant framework that is adapted for new legislation where third parites have no control over your sign-up flow, data, and brand guidelines support.

Checkin Connect is the best solution to optimize all types of traffic conversion for companies and businesses that use Checkin:

  • iGaming and sports betting companies
  • Fintech companies
  • Subscription-based businesses
  • Aviation, transport and logistics companies
  • Technology companies
  • And many more…

The set up is easy and will radically increase conversion - two aspects we know everyone likes.

Connect with us and we'll help set up everything for you!

The conversion increase for partners using remote is varying depending on the vertical, brand, seasonality. Our best case to date received an increase of over 22%.

Yes they are! And besides the name-change, we have really improved the product too. We wanted to connect (pun intended) better with the key objective of the product i.e. bringing the user closer to your brand and your brand closer to the user, be it a third party website you own or a lead generation company you work with.