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We make checkins easy

Handling signups, identity and logins is a complex task in a globalized world. lets your customers get the best possible checkin experience irrespective of country or device.

Grow faster with optimized signups

Identify your customers across the globe

Let existing customers log in with ease

Get everything, out of the box, with one simple integration.

Bad checkins
mean less revenue

Checkins remain an overlooked part of the onboarding process for most brands, leading to slower growth and lost revenue.

Calculate the value of optimizing your checkin process

Why brands are switching to

Brands that deliver the optimal checkin experience for every user gain a crucial advantage against those that rely on outdated solutions.

People’s attention span is dropping

The average attention span for consumers online is dropping year after year. Many potential customers lose interest before they actually become customers. is using data-driven UX modules to make the checkin flow grab the consumers attention - and keep it.

Optimizing for devices & locations is hard

The checkin experience needs to be optimized for different end-users with different preferences on different devices in different languages.

Our software optimizes and localizes your flows on an extremely granular level using advanced machine learning.

Fragmented solutions add complexity

There is a jungle out there of third party solutions ranging from browser prefills to data lookups and open banking that can help solve part of the puzzle in parts of the world. combines the best third party integrations and identity solutions to create a seamless experience, out of the box and across the globe.

Grow faster with optimized checkins

Integrate to any app or site with a simple integration and get the same data as you already collect today.

We replace your current experience

Everything is configured to seamlessly replace your current experience.

Simple front-end integration

Our super simple one line of code integration allows you to get going within hours

Global checkin flow out of the box

Your customers will love your new checkin, irrespective of their country or device.

Conversion increase guaranteed

How does it work? is easily implemented in your site or app to improve every aspect of your customers’ onboarding experience.

Single integration

Every solution you need to register, identify, or login customers globally are gathered in a single integration. We offer a wide range of possibilities for flexible integration to any existing architecture through front-end JS, customizable SDK, or API access.

Instead of setting up agreements, integrating and maintaining dozens of fragmented solutions for each market, you save resources by accessing them all through

End-to-end capability

The software is capable of improving every aspect of your checkins - from clicking the signup button to proceeding in a logged-in state.

It’s up to you if you want the software to deliver fully optimized flows from start to finish or improve individual aspects of your onboarding.

Every solution, out of the box

You gain instant access to the optimal local solutions for each market. We currently support 165+ countries.

  • eID’s
  • Face matching
  • Age verification
  • Liveness detection
  • Social logins
  • Lookups
  • Verification
  • Validation
  • Address
  • Localized input
KYC & Compliance
  • PEPs and sanction lists
  • Bank verification
  • Register check
  • KYC tools
  • Fraud detection

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Proven technology

Switching to is risk-free with instant and measurable value being added from day one

Trusted by millions of end-users

In 2020, processed over 18m sessions from end-users in 165 countries.

Adopted by leading brands

Together with our customers which operate in highly competitive industries, we have grown their customer base in hundreds of countries.

Guaranteed to outperform guarantees that our framework will deliver a conversion increase when A/B-testing us vs your existing solution.

Thoroughly tested modules

Rigorous testing of all components ensures high conversion rates and a solid user experience.

Localized with global coverage

Correct translations, local user-tests, and relevant technical solutions have all been taken care of to benefit you from the start.

White-labeled and seamless

Every aspect of your checkin is branded with your assets to create a seamless experience for your customers.

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Plug & play for developers

Everything is prepared by us to fit your existing architecture. Once your partner key is active you can access your checkins from anywhere.

<script src="https://[partner][key].js" async></script>
<script src="https://
[partner][key].js" async></script>
function triggerRegily() { }
function triggerRegily() { 
document.documentElement.dataset.checkinCountry = 'DE'
.checkinCountry = 'DE'

Simple front-end integration

One line of code loads the framework and will return your data in JavaScript callbacks.

Connects to every platform

Your data is easily sent and validated via any API or endpoint that you already use.

Reuse your existing API endpoints

We configure your setup to use the same labels and format as your current solution.

You get the same data as before

The user data collected will be the same as you are collecting today.

GDPR compliant solution

The solution is fully compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations

Built-in and custom validations

A multitude of validations ships out of the box, but you can also run your own validations on any data.

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