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Localization and local knowledge

A localized solution for Simple Casino in Japan

Launched in September 2019, Simple Casino delivers a brilliantly simple, simply brilliant casino experience to Japanese players. From registration, through payment to playing, simplicity and ease of use lie at the heart of Simple Casino.

Overview 🥁

Hero Gaming's brand Simple Casino planned to enter the Japanese market. They required a streamlined sign-up solution that was agile, robust, met the unique needs of their new target market and designed to get the player playing in minutes.

Problem 🧐

Simple Casino required a sign-up solution that had the ability to push and pull strings to allow them to stay agile when it comes to localization in Japan. While on the UI side, they required clear and versatile functionalities to stay focused on localization. needed a sign-up platform to avoid the time and cost of investment of building their own localized solution.

Integration 👩‍💻

Regily's framework was flexible and adapted to the various processes used at Simple Casino. The integration was easy which was our aim to gain speed on market entry.

Results 🙌

Driven by data and a lot of locale-specific testing, Simple Casino Japan expansion plans have proved successful. By adopting a continuous localized sign-up flow they've been able to maintain a steady growth rate with little to no manual efforts.

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