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Pocket Play

Growing from startup to global
iGaming brand in less than a year

Find out how Pocket Play managed to establish a new multi-market brand in the cut-throat competition in the global iGaming market.


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Launching the product in new markets at Mach 10 speed

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Utilizing the optimal local solutions for data, compliance, and UX in each market

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Delivering an outstanding onboarding experience for new players

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Connecting data output from user registrations to the existing tech stack

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Ensuring high conversion rates


Pocket Play’s strategy of finding and acting fast on new opportunities for growth requires three things: speed, speed, and even more speed!

One of the areas they identified as a challenge was handling the registration of new users in ways that pleases both players as well as regulatory bodies.

Developing custom onboarding flows and integrating the relevant local features for each market one by one without sufficient data and experience to guide development was deemed too big of a chance.

Instead, they started the search for a specialized solution to handle the entire area and scale with their venture. Keith and his team discovered that was in a unique position to solve the full spectrum of challenges they were facing.

In-house vs

The complexity of handling user registration across multiple markets is no small undertaking.

Hundreds of hours can be spent on developing an in-house solution that still may underperform, leaving potential growth and revenue on the table for other competitors to happily pick up.

Even though Pocket Play had the resources to build their own solutions, they concluded that the time would be better spent on acquiring and retaining customers by focusing on their core product.

In-house solution
Product and tech resources are used to build and maintain solutions for each market
Weeks to months spent on building, testing, and launching new flows
Lack of data and expertise about the target markets creates a lot of guesswork
Identifying and integrating localized solutions for KYC, anti-fraud, data, and UX end-to-end
Zero product work and a simple one-off integration allows teams to focus on the core business
Enables registrations in new markets in a matter of days
Data-driven solutions based on millions of data points guarantees high performance from day one
The optimal solutions for each market are available out of the box and ready to use

End-to-end solution for scaling globally made it possible for Pocket Play to improve every aspect of user onboarding by using a single integration and no major changes to their backend.

After pre-configuration was done, the improved onboarding flow launched seamlessly as a part of their existing site and is ready to handle the entire journey for new customers – from the click of the signup button to forwarding the user logged in and ready to play.

The timeline spanning over just a few weeks looked something like this:

Pocket Play and had an initial meeting to assess requirements for the setup prepared a prototype of the configuration for their first market

Pocket play accepted the proposed setup and signed the commercial agreement configured flow modules, brand, and outputs for the final integration

Pocket Play integrated the solution to their front-end

Expanding to multiple markets

Pocket Play wanted to ensure that their onboarding flows are compliant and high-converting from day one, regardless of which market they add to the mix.

Since its initial launch in a single market, has scaled along with its operations and assisted in successful launches across three continents.

New Zealand







The implementation of allowed Pocket Play to instantly adapt important aspects of their signup to market-specific prerequisites. By switching on the leading local solutions for data, compliance and UX, Pocket Play was able to offer localized sign-ups across all markets without breaking a sweat.

Localized sign-up flows


Data lookups


KYC & Compliance

Data validation


Accessible support for an easy launch

The initial configuration of the software was taken care of by checkin experts which lifted a lot of work off the shoulders of Pocket Play.

A Slack channel was set up as the primary method of communication between Pocket Play and, which is much faster and more convenient than emailing back and forth.

With the goal of minimizing the workload and ensuring
an easy integration, was able to:

Set up Pocket Plays brand assets for a seamless experience, regardless of which modules are used in the flow
Configuring the software to send data through existing endpoints and callbacks to eliminate the need for any backend changes
Ensuring the software collects all the data necessary for account creation
Supporting the tech team with a hands-on integration guide tailored to their setup and a direct communication channel for efficient support

Q&A With Keith from Pocket Play

We like to focus our attention on customer acquisition and retention rather than things that we aren’t experts in. The cut-throat competition within the industry makes every day really count when it comes to moving forward with new initiatives. To move fast, we need to leverage specialized solutions that are easy to use and deliver strong results.

It came to my attention that was a proven solution for user registration and had success with fast-growing brands in the industry. After meeting with one of their specialists, we quickly realized that this was the go-to partner for solving the challenges related to customer onboarding across multiple markets.

It has been super simple for the tech team to integrate the solution and the transparent pricing also makes it easy to incorporate from a business perspective as well.

Our organization is lean by design, and we think a lot about which areas make sense to do ourselves and what to outsource. Everyone thinks that they can do better on their own, but if you don’t have the data to guide your decision making you aren’t very likely to succeed.’s access to aggregated behavioral data from millions of sign-ups and technology that leverages it gives them a competitive edge that is, to the best of my knowledge, second to none.

We are impressed by the fact that enabling a new market with all the necessary features for data validation, lookups, KYC, and anti-fraud takes less than a week with – it really gives us an edge over our competition.

We really like the idea of an end-to-end solution that handles the full flow, but also contains add-ons that are easy to switch on and even can be utilized independently. It makes it really easy for us to leverage solutions that otherwise would take us a lot of time to integrate on our own.

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